Are You Eligible To Be Removed From The Florida Sex Offender Registry?

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One of the core areas of practice of the Law Office of Ron M. Kleiner is petitions for removal from the Florida sex offender registry. Whether you are petitioning for removal under the removal provisions of the sex offender registry (Florida Statute Sec. 943.0435(11)) or under the Romeo and Juliet Statute (Florida Statute Sec. 943.04354), attorney Ron Kleiner has the experience to assist you with your petition.

In Florida, unlike most states, sex offender registration is for life. Even upon death, the state will keep you on it's sex offender registry. There are currently two ways to be removed. First is to petition for removal after a period of time offense free in the community. And second, is to petition for removal if your offense falls into a narrow exemption where the conduct was consensual and the age difference was nominal. Both require a petition to the Circuit Court, a hearing, and if your petition is granted, notification to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of your removal. The requirements to qualify under either of these two provisions are very specific. To find out whether you qualify to petition, call our offices for a free consultation.

Ron also focuses on other post-conviction matters representing persons required to register as sex offenders. If you are looking to modify terms of probation to allow you to use a computer for work purposes, permission to have supervised or unsupervised contact with your children or other family members, early termination of probation or most other relief from sex offender probation conditions, call Ron today.

Ron has represented people on the Florida sex offender registry throughout the state of Florida, in both state and federal court and in both trial and appellate proceedings. Matters relating to those on the sex offender registry should be handled by an attorney who is familiar with the rules and restrictions governing registrants and all the collateral consequences of being on the registry. To find out more about Ron's experience, call or email his office today.

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